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The Beard & Mo Co. Premium Beard Balms are the perfect solution for longer beards that needs styling. 

Our Beard Balms are all hand crafted in Australia, using a combination of premium quality carrier oils and essential oils which provide numerous benefits. Our beard balms moisturise your beard while giving it a healthier look. Our balms also assist in eliminating any unwanted itchiness.

Our Beard Balms are packed with vitamins and nutrients which protect the beard from elements, humidity, cold, excessive sun exposure, and all of those things that can lead to protein- loss, and damage of the beard hair fibres.

Our unique beard balms each carry a unique scent which smell amazing !

Directions: Simply scoop a fingernail-sized portion with the back of nail into your palm then rub hands together until it is evenly distributed, rub hands through beard. Make sure beard is dry. Use a brush or comb to give a uniform look. 

 Raspberry Bourbon 

This scent has that refreshing summer cocktail scent, which gives that punch of raspberries, citrus, orange and tropical pineapple. This scent will make you smell like a summer cocktail and also have that warm and cozy scent of Kentucky Bourbon. 

Fruit Tingle 

This mix of juicy, fleshy, succulent passionfruit enhanced by sweet floral notes, combined with a fruity, fresh treat of watermelon, tangerine and peach with the freshness of cucumber and sweet vanilla, combined with the sweet and fresh apple aroma, is the ultimate fruit explosion.

Coconut Lime 

This scent is the ultimate refresher! That tantalising fusion of fresh coconuts and the fresh scent of lime. This is an irresistible classic.  

Vanilla Latte 

This has the sweet smooth vanilla scent, and combined with he beautiful warm aroma of cold pressing roasted coffee beans is a match made in heaven!


This scent has the deep earthy woody tones laced with balsamic notes of Sandalwood and will leave your beard smelling masculine and earthy.








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